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Good day to all,

This is a reminder that I have moved this blog to my own hosted site. You can continue to read my musings at Planetary-Wisdom.com

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This weeks blog is being hosted on my own wordpress site. You can read it here.

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There is a lot of things going on at the household as I have got another burst of creativity. The latest project has been casting Runes in pewter. Working with metal has been a desire of mine for some time and now I get to fulfill that desire. Over the next day or two, most likely Friday, I will post some pictures of the process for all to enjoy. In addition to casting I have been working on editing the last San Antonio Astrological Society lecture footage. Which , by the way, I gave the lecture. You will see it posted by the weekend hopefully.

Well that is all that I have at this point. Stay tuned.


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The last entry that I posted I was discussing looking at the Self. The Self is the higher or spiritual conscience that is eternal and ever present. All of us incarnates, that is spirit in physical form, have the continual push and pull of the physical rubbing against the spiritual. It is not the spirit that has a problem with the physical as the spirit has all the understanding that the physical is not truly there. The Bhagavad Gita states it best in Chapter 2, Verse 12-13;

“Certainly never at any time did I not exist, nor you, nor all these kings and certainly never shall we cease to exist in the future.”

“Just as in the physical body of the embodied being is the process of childhood, youth and old age; similarly by the transmigration from one body to another the wise are never deluded.”  

When it is stripped down to its simplest terms the spirit experiences and the body is the vessel of this experience. It is simple yet goes against what a lot of people believe as true. Since most cannot feel the spirit at any given time they tend to believe that the spirit is beyond their reach. These people do not have a spiritual life that takes in meditation, observation of nature, and a deep questioning of their surroundings. Most people are all about thinking about what they do not have and of course plugging into the dark magic that is pumped out from newspapers, television, and a lot of the Internet. Dark magic in this case is the how these outlets tell you how to think, act, and most cases judge your fellow human. It is dark because it controls, manipulates, dulls, and puts you in a corner of negativity that you are convinced that you have to act in a specific way. It is magic because it works on your emotions and mind to bring about a specific effect. In this case the effect is your lack of choice.

Some would argue that advertisement is the opposite, that it is giving you more choices. Advertisement is telling you to buy this or be this because it makes you socially better or it will make you live longer because this is a “healthy item”. Just before we got rid of cable TV services into the house Gaby and myself would comment on the commercials that were being aired during the news. These commercials showed the demographics of the audience. They could not sleep, were depressed, diabetic, overweight, high cholesterol, and could not march their little man in the bedroom. Not one of these commercials showed what the underlining causes of these problems are.  More choices indeed!

So how do commercials and spirit tie into each other? The answer is that the spirit becomes conditioned and then becomes the mind. So the mind thinks that it is acting through the body, controlling it so to speak. What we take in from the senses act as conditioners so as long as we think that we are the sense organs. This is to say that we think that we are the body. When we detach the Self from the body we gain a proper perspective of our relationship with the body with that relationship being nothing more than a vessel. Just as your vehicle needs tending and care, so does the body. Without that care and maintenance the body falls into a state of disrepair that will shorten your experience in the material.

So choose wisely embodied ones and always remember that you have a choice. That choice is not always yes or no, right or wrong. This is a three dimensional realm and all of our choices should be made from a three dimensional perspective. Take a 360 degree look around yourself before you make those judgments and decisions to fully see where you are in this life. Once that is done you can make the most evolutionary decision for your Self at that moment.

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There are times in one’s life that their destiny is staring at them directly. This has been happening to me for some time now, yet I am a master of self delusion when it comes to facing my spiritual destiny. The delusion comes in the form of creating distractions to hide, more like attempt to hide, the very powerful message that is slapping me in the face. A lot of this delusion comes from fear of accepting me as the Self.  There is a deep fear that I am not worthy of the honor of the manifestation of my spirit in my material form. Of course this is totally unfounded as the Self has chosen this form and this time to bring about the work that spirit needs to do.

So what are the chains that are holding me in myself imposed prison? The first thing that comes to mind is the continual conditioning of society that states that you should not be thinking about these higher ideals. You are a person that makes mistakes and you are neither an enlightened being nor a master in physical form so it is impossible for you to attempt this lofty goal of embracing the Self. Another link in the chains of self imprisonment is what I went through being a very sensitive child in a large family. This was very overwhelming to me as I had no idea how to process all the emotions and social interactions that were going on. It is this point of being emotionally overwhelmed that really hits the mark.  As I write this entry of self discovery, I now understand that this is the base, the foundation, of what I fear. The over load of emotions that crashes down on me as a wave would crash into the rocks. In a way I feel like that rock, yet as the wave pass it remains. An exciting answer to my problem is to be like that rock. Let the emotion crash over you and feel that emotion yet remember that you are founded in Spirit and no emotion can change that.  When that is remembered then I cannot be washed away.

 I would very much like to thank my wonderful wife Gabriele. Your insights yesterday have helped to look at myself and embrace what I am. I love you very much and I appreciate your wisdom and personal insights.

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Holding the asp in my hand, terrified in letting it go and terrified in holding it, scared of the burning of the twin fangs piercing skin.

 Cold, calculating, yet burning with a deep seated anger that is directed to the asp in my hand.

The flicker of the asp’s tongue moves in indifference, in, out, up, and down with it’s eyes staring into my very soul challenging me to act.

Torch light casts half world shadows on the glossy scales echoing the rhythmic breathing of the folly that I hold in my hand.

Copper colored brown scales flicker with a destructive beauty that mesmerizes the intellect and speaks to the primal rages within the breast.

Rage that burns and plunges my emotions into a lake of fire and shorts my intellect; rage that engulfs my being and cuts my divinity from the gods in two.

Action that was swift and destructive ensues as the asp was cast from my presence and into the shadows of the neither that dance in awkward suggestive trance like moves.

It was a dance that was danced before as the last vestibules of light sputter and are extinguished as the torch of spirit is plugged into the ice water of rage.

As the light returns to the plains of emotion all that is shown is the charred rendered earth. The cracked and blackened emotional body pops and hisses as the fires of rage consume its last portions of fuel. The twin bite marks of the asp clearly showing on the burnt forearm.

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When the moon traverses Leo you do not plant and you do not water. During this transit one either plows or weeds. It is this very act of plowing and weeding that I am going to do on my spiritual state. The weeds that I am pulling are the weeds that are clogging my connection to spirit. These weeds are symbols of the stagnant emotions that are not moving and becoming stale and foul smelling. What are these stagnant emotions? The emotions of fear, anger, and anticipation are the three emotions that are being felt.

As I have stated in previous entries the ability to have faith is the strongest, yet to me, seems to be the most fragile of states to maintain. This is exactly the state that I am in, the state of fallen faith. How did I lose this most precious state that has caused me to live in frustration and border despair? Like so many things in our lives I tripped in the middle of running the race and have been attempting to get my balance back. This of course is not a physical trip in a physical race. The race that I am talking about is the race that all people are in the middle of; the race of day to day existence in the western world. Yet this race is not mine to run. I have tripped from my dedication to spirit and fell into the day-to-day race and then tripped again. Very much like a slapstick movie I have been falling from one state to another.

Just as a good gardener identifies the weeds from the flowers I have identified that I am in a state of illusion caused from me not looking at the Divine Spirit that holds all of us. This act of looking away has caused the rapid growing weeds of negativity to jump into my spiritual garden. With the identification of my negative state comes the personal healing as the weeds are pulled. With the weeds pulled I can now look on the spiritual garden that is me and understand what the purpose of the garden is.

There are many types of gardens. These include the gardens for reflection, healing, sustenance, beauty, and for wild things. In my case I am of the sustenance variety. The purpose of a sustenance garden is to provide the resources to maintain the life that enters, visits or dwells in this garden. This is the charge that I have been given at this time. It is a worthy task that in a weeded state cannot be appreciated by the gardener.

The words that come to me is to be as the sacred oak and be in the state of reception and not worry about the amount of sun light nor the amount of rain water that falls. Remain transfixed on spirit and remain in the state of being and be that garden were people come to seek their sustenance. Be thankful that all that come to this garden get exactly what they need at the time that they need it. Remain in the state of Divine joy and take action through the Divine.  

Look at the spiritual garden that is you and take the time during this full moon in Leo to weed and plow for the growth that is sure to come. Reflect on your personal state and take the action that your connection to spirit suggests.

Thank you Divine Mother for showing me that this moon phase can also be applied to our own spiritual growth. Thank you for the mercy and love that has been shown to me as I continue to work on my spiritual state and love for all that is around me.

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