A Poem

There is a dark place in all of us that we do not wish to look at directly; a place that permeates a creeping contagion that defiles the soul and corrupts the intellect. The dark places that cannot be looked at directly for our minds will be sundered and our hearts wrenched as the pains of the past gush out and attack the senses.  

Foul entity that stalks the darkness of that abyssal place looking for any movement on the edge of the twilight that borders your domain, Dark entity hunting, crouching and scraping on the tomb like silence of forgetfulness.

As I stare into the bleakness I can hear the dark creature’s breath. Always hearing its breath and always hearing, just on the edge of my senses, its presence.

Gnashing my teeth and with strained breath.

Blinking against the sound of the leather wings of the heralds of the night my composure starts to unravel.

The time of delay is near over and the assault will commence.

The half dark of twilight is reaching from the border lands.

The twilight, which marks the domain of the contagion, reaches forward ever faster.

The voices of nights heralds are still heard yet my eyes are failing.

Light is lost and my lungs are filled with the acrid stink of fear.

Sharp claws of panic are thrust into my chest and choke the heart.

Weak I fall to my knees and gasp down air as my lungs feel four sizes smaller.

Hysterical desperation comes over me like a cold wet blanket sucking the heat from my actions and dulling the mind. A desperation that is so complete it fills my soul with the chill of the grave.

Pain seers the emotional body and wracks the mind with waves of memories that leave the body in a deathlike state.

A cock crowing in the distance trumpeting the coming of the dawn and salvation comes on the combed head of dawn’s herald.

Joy to you on this festive day of Ostara! The goddess Ostara is an old German goddess of the land. She is depicted as a young woman in her height of fertility and beauty. With the coming of Ostara, which is also astrological equinox, the Earth Mother is taking off her winter blanket and waking up to warmer weather and glorious spring flowers. As we can testify here in South Texas Ostara has given us good rains which has made for a bumper crop of wild flowers and flowering trees.

Some of the celebratory activities of Ostara is that of blessing the fields and the plows for the upcoming planting. As our European Ancestors prayed and asked for the blessings of Ostara for a plentiful growing season we can also take this time to look out our own endeavors and ask for a blessing of fertile enterprise.

As the celebration of Ostara is also the equinox we should look at this time as a time of renewal and balance. Just as the sun’s rays are in a balance today between both poles we can also balance the shining of our own light as we move about the world.

Be joyous and decorate your life and your house with all of the wonderful trappings of spring. Bring out the decorated eggs and eat a chocolate bunny or two as you tip you node to Ostara and to spring.


Blessings and love to all.

Blessed Earth Mother I come before you and ask for the insight of the way of growing. Guild my mind and illuminate my actions with the proper caring for your children. Show me the patterns of life that are around me so I can better understand my place in the web of creation. As I did during my Initiate vows as a Druid I come before you once more and announce my dedication to the Earth and for bringing balance into all things I come in contact with.

Blessed Mother allow the fertility of my thoughts to reach your compassionate ear. Open your heart to your dedicated servant and bring me into your embrace. Just as the rains bring about the wild flowers so does your compassion bring to me the fruits from the Earth.

As the blessings have come to me I return them for as you Blessed Mother honor me I in turn honor you. Blessings, love, and peace be onto to all my readers.



The Moon in Leo

When the moon traverses Leo you do not plant and you do not water. During this transit one either plows or weeds. It is this very act of plowing and weeding that I am going to do on my spiritual state. The weeds that I am pulling are the weeds that are clogging my connection to spirit. These weeds are symbols of the stagnant emotions that are not moving and becoming stale and foul smelling. What are these stagnant emotions? The emotions of fear, anger, and anticipation are the three emotions that are being felt.

As I have stated in previous entries the ability to have faith is the strongest, yet to me, seems to be the most fragile of states to maintain. This is exactly the state that I am in, the state of fallen faith. How did I lose this most precious state that has caused me to live in frustration and border despair? Like so many things in our lives I tripped in the middle of running the race and have been attempting to get my balance back. This of course is not a physical trip in a physical race. The race that I am talking about is the race that all people are in the middle of; the race of day to day existence in the western world. Yet this race is not mine to run. I have tripped from my dedication to spirit and fell into the day-to-day race and then tripped again. Very much like a slapstick movie I have been falling from one state to another.

Just as a good gardener identifies the weeds from the flowers I have identified that I am in a state of illusion caused from me not looking at the Divine Spirit that holds all of us. This act of looking away has caused the rapid growing weeds of negativity to jump into my spiritual garden. With the identification of my negative state comes the personal healing as the weeds are pulled. With the weeds pulled I can now look on the spiritual garden that is me and understand what the purpose of the garden is.

There are many types of gardens. These include the gardens for reflection, healing, sustenance, beauty, and for wild things. In my case I am of the sustenance variety. The purpose of a sustenance garden is to provide the resources to maintain the life that enters, visits or dwells in this garden. This is the charge that I have been given at this time. It is a worthy task that in a weeded state cannot be appreciated by the gardener.

The words that come to me is to be as the sacred oak and be in the state of reception and not worry about the amount of sun light nor the amount of rain water that falls. Remain transfixed on spirit and remain in the state of being and be that garden were people come to seek their sustenance. Be thankful that all that come to this garden get exactly what they need at the time that they need it. Remain in the state of Divine joy and take action through the Divine.  

Look at the spiritual garden that is you and take the time during this full moon in Leo to weed and plow for the growth that is sure to come. Reflect on your personal state and take the action that your connection to spirit suggests.

Thank you Divine Mother for showing me that this moon phase can also be applied to our own spiritual growth. Thank you for the mercy and love that has been shown to me as I continue to work on my spiritual state and love for all that is around me.

Hello Pisces

The subject of this blog has been on my mind for some time. That subject is what it means to be a Piscean. It is noted that this topic is subject to the thoughts and the memories of this Piscean and it is my own interpretation of personal experience. Yet these personal experiences are general and will provide a solid frame work for this entry.

So what is a Piscean? Anyone that has a rudimentary knowledge of astrology knows that the time of Pisces 22 February – 21 March. Others with a little more knowledge of astrology would know that Pisces rules the 12th House of the Zodiac which is sometimes called the God House. In addition, Pisces is ruled by the energies of the planets of Neptune and Jupiter. The term ‘ruled by’ is stated as giving a major influence to that particular sun sign. In the case of Neptune the influences that are parted is the breakdown or the fostering of illusions depending on how the person is viewing life. The illusions in question come in the form of the duality that surrounds us in the world of form. These illusions also take the form of impossible relationships, escapism, and addictions. In general the illusions are anything that are not real or based on a lie.

Jupiter has the influence of joy, expansion, and luck. In this case Jupiter helps the Piscean to expand the situation that they are in. This includes the positive situations and also the fostering of illusions. In the case of Jupiter this planet will help the Piscean in any way that the Piscean finds important at that time.

The third influence on the Piscean is that of the Sun. When I talk about the Sun it needs to be viewed as the place that the spirit is expressing itself in a material world. The influence of the Sun needs to have structure to express the experiences that we have come to enjoy. There is an inherit conflict here. That conflict is that the Sun energy needs to have structure while the Piscean energy is removing that structure to return to spirit and become one with the creator. This desire to express in structure yet knowing that the structure is an illusion puts the Piscean in a quandary. Structured self expression is hard when all you want to do is pull the world down and return to the Creator. A viscous circle indeed!

The above conflict is the basis to what most people understand about Pisceans and that they are dreamy, delusional, prone to addiction, self torturing and moody. It is difficult not to escape when you are in direct conflict with yourself between the illusion of the material and the reality of the spirit. If you are a Piscean you will have no problem seeing my point after a little soul searching.

In the case that you are not a Piscean I will give you an example. Put yourself in a movie theater and you are watching a movie that you can interact with. That is to say that your actions in the audience have a direct effect on what happens on screen. Just about any person gets caught up in their part of the movie and would feel a bit of disappointment when the film was over. Yet there is nothing against watching that film again to feel included. This goes on until you know that the movie will always end and that in the end you will be left with only disappointment. Why the disappointment, because no matter how much you enjoy the film it is not tangible. It is an illusion so you move to the next item which then plays out in the same manner as all things in this world are nothing more than a illusion. To the uninitiated this would be absurd as a rock bouncing off your head is very real feeling indeed. When you take the basis of many spiritual philosophies that state all things in this world change showing us the impermanence of what we think is permanent. This then shows us that even our emotions and our thoughts follow the same course. They come and they go. They change with our perceptions. My favorite is to look at the color blue. There is no way to verify that the color blue that I see is the color blue that anyone else sees. So we move from one theater to the next looking for something that is real yet understands that everything that we see is an illusion. The Piscean feels lost and cast out in the tempestial ocean. In this state of mind the Piscean decides to flip the coin.

That flip side is to choose to believe in something. The logical of the Piscean is that if I focus on one thing it will become a focus point which I can then find my way back from the stormy sea. Now, depending on the choice, the Piscean finds the lighthouse or they take on water and become a casualty of the vast emotional sea that truly is Pisces. The wrong choice is to invoke the Piscean keywords of ‘I believe’ on objects of the dualistic world. In other words, the Piscean starts to believe that the movie is real. This leads to delusional behavior for when the Piscean invokes ‘I believe’ it becomes solid to them. This is the start of Piscean addictions. Deep down the Piscean knows that the object of believe is an illusion. This is compounded with the influence of the Sun stating that loosing yourself is not an appropriate way of self expression. Before they know it the Piscean is caught in the net of bad influence.

The greatest weakness of the Piscean is also the greatest strength; the ability to confront illusion and dismantle it all with ‘I believe’. This takes practice and spiritual training which is daunting in this time of turmoil that does not foster the discipline of self reflection and self mastery. When a Piscean invokes the ‘I believe’ and directs it to the reality of spirit it becomes a beacon to the Creator who rushes in and saves the Piscean.

The goal of the Piscean is to understand that they are in the world yet are not of the world. The use of structure to pursue self expression of spirit is the key. Just as people use tools to build a house the Piscean needs to use experience to evolve the spirit.

In this entry I am going to digress a little from the usual topics that this blog covers and discuss the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the Pagan and Astrological circles that I participate in the Occupy Movement is brought up on a regular basis. As this movement is brought into conversation there is a majority consensus, of the female conversationalists, that this occupy is a good thing. When I ask the question of what is so good about it the answer boils down opposition to bad government, corporate greed, and praise of Arab Spring. As most sane people, I do not like bad government nor corporate greed. Unlike most Occupy supporters I see Arab Spring as a major destabilization force in the world that should not be praised.

In an effort to shed some light on Occupy I decided to do an astrological chart of the movement. The start date of this event is the 17th of September, 2011. The time that was chosen is 8am. This is a guess of course as there is no official start time.

So here is what we have for the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Virgo Sun in the 12th House: Virgo as an earth sign is concerned with the material yet is concerned with forms of beauty and purity. With the Sun, self identity, in the 12th House, or the God House, Virgo is concerned with lofty ideals. Helping the socially deprived is a great concern for 12th House Virgos. In this house, Virgos like to work within a group to accomplish their idea of social justice. With the 12th House also representing isolation both voluntary (monasteries) and involuntary (jail) the Virgo is able to suffer times of incarceration with little effort so as long as the lofty ideal is being followed. Since this is the 12th House these ideals can become lost in the material if they are not brought into being from a spiritual perspective.

Taurus Moon in the 8th House: Taurus is another earth sign that is connected to the good life, luxury, comfort, and its own needs. The Moon represents the emotions, feminine, and creates a framework for the Sun to express itself. With the Moon in the 8th House, which represents other peoples stuff, the Occupy Movement is looking to the possessions of others to give the Virgo Sun a frame to work its lofty ideals of social justice.

Libra Ascendant: Libra is concerned with the balance to be maintained. In the case of the Occupy Movement the balance is not being maintained as the split between rich and poor has increased during the recession.

So we have a lofty idea that is grounded in the material yet is sitting in the house of spiritual ideals. This makes the idea sound wonderful yet will be very hard to obtain until it gets grounded in spirituality.

The emotional framework of the Occupy Movement is based on the stuff of other people in this case material goods and wealth of the elite. The Occupy Movement  is spurred on by a desire to create a balance in the situation of material possessions.

The layout of the chart tells me that this movement is not going away anytime soon. The other aspects show a strong indication that this movement is gathering more resources and will come out again, but from a different angle. This and the chart for Arab Spring in Eqypt will be explained later.

Blessings and love to all my readers on this winter day.

There are times in our life that we have to wait for a divine promise. These times are usually a path of peaks and valleys. The peaks come from remembering the divine promise to you that has been stated, verified, and then verified again. The valleys come from acting in the realm of duality and material experiences were we have both feast and famine. In a sense we concentrate on our senses and not on our unchanging spirit. So what is being done is taking our eyes off the divine and in a sense losing faith. As I stated in a previous entry titled ‘What is Faith’ the definition of faith that makes the most sense is:

Faith (Pali: Saddhā, Sanskrit: Śraddhā) is an important constituent element of the teachings of the Buddha—both in the Theravada tradition as in the Mahayana. Faith in Buddhism derives from the pali word saddhā, which often refers to a sense of conviction. The saddhā is often described as:

  • a conviction that something is
  • a determination to accomplish one’s goals
  • a sense of joy deriving from the other two

In the case of losing faith is a failure to maintain one or all three qualities of faith. What we do is get the promise and foster a conviction to that promise which gives us energy to accomplish the goal that in turn gives us joy because the promise is being acted on. The problem is we are experiencing a world that is based on hours and days and not months and years as computers and technology has compressed time. In turn our patience and tolerance level has been reduced in capacity. As a Druid it is my spiritual and craft practice to put myself into the rhythms of the Earth Mother and to take her timing of cyclic seasons and moon phases. Yet even I fail to comprehend the total picture of holding both the timing of spirit and the timing of the earth in a balanced perception.

The act of losing faith has three common factors. The first factor is the divine promise is given and we act on that promise but with a false sense of conviction. I state a false sense of conviction because true conviction would see the promised delivered and not waiver. In simple words we are not convinced that the divine can deliver on the promise.

The second factor is determination to accomplish the goal. The promise is given, the marching orders are sent, and we move on those orders. Determination here is a mindset coupled with an action. Determination is then lost when we act on the promise and the fruits of the action are not readily visible. This leads to the lack of patience which causes a questioning of the divine promise which causes a loss of faith.

The third factor is simply, joy; when proper faith is achieved the joy floods into our lives from the divine source. The sense of joy is lost when the accomplishment is not working in accordance to our own expectations that are set in a dualistic world. The call is to look beyond duality and fix ourselves into the transcended that is our higher selves. Once we shift our vision from the material to the eternal and restate the promise we can begin anew.

The most correct course of action to take once we get a divine promise is to look at that promise from the proper perspective. That perspective is to look from our transcended eyes of the higher mind which dwells in spirit. This proper vision is obtained through spiritual practice which allows you to center on your own divine nature which never leaves the presence of the creator. As the spiritual connection is strengthened conviction follows as the body now feels the presence of spirit.

As our conviction increases our determination to accomplish the goal is put forward and our actions follow our conviction. Joy follows shortly after since we are now working toward our divine goal with a single mind set which is not attached to the outcome of our action. We are acting in a spirit derived state which is transfixed on the higher mind which is in the direct presence of the creator. It is this state that all miracles are accomplished through.

Maintain your convicted determination and the joy will always be with you. Let go of the fruits of your actions because nothing is done without the power of the divine that exists in all things. Be as the oak tree that never worries about how much light or water that it gets. Be transfixed on the divine promise that all things come to you just as the sun rises and the rain falls. Have your spiritual roots dig deep into the Earth Mother for your sustenance and you will become as majestic as the sacred oak.

Thank you Great One for allowing me to write these words of wisdom for all to read. Thank you Blessed Mother for watching over us with your divine mercy. Thank you, our ancestors for coming before and showing us the lessons of life that are the most important.