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The last entry that I posted I was discussing looking at the Self. The Self is the higher or spiritual conscience that is eternal and ever present. All of us incarnates, that is spirit in physical form, have the continual push and pull of the physical rubbing against the spiritual. It is not the spirit that has a problem with the physical as the spirit has all the understanding that the physical is not truly there. The Bhagavad Gita states it best in Chapter 2, Verse 12-13;

“Certainly never at any time did I not exist, nor you, nor all these kings and certainly never shall we cease to exist in the future.”

“Just as in the physical body of the embodied being is the process of childhood, youth and old age; similarly by the transmigration from one body to another the wise are never deluded.”  

When it is stripped down to its simplest terms the spirit experiences and the body is the vessel of this experience. It is simple yet goes against what a lot of people believe as true. Since most cannot feel the spirit at any given time they tend to believe that the spirit is beyond their reach. These people do not have a spiritual life that takes in meditation, observation of nature, and a deep questioning of their surroundings. Most people are all about thinking about what they do not have and of course plugging into the dark magic that is pumped out from newspapers, television, and a lot of the Internet. Dark magic in this case is the how these outlets tell you how to think, act, and most cases judge your fellow human. It is dark because it controls, manipulates, dulls, and puts you in a corner of negativity that you are convinced that you have to act in a specific way. It is magic because it works on your emotions and mind to bring about a specific effect. In this case the effect is your lack of choice.

Some would argue that advertisement is the opposite, that it is giving you more choices. Advertisement is telling you to buy this or be this because it makes you socially better or it will make you live longer because this is a “healthy item”. Just before we got rid of cable TV services into the house Gaby and myself would comment on the commercials that were being aired during the news. These commercials showed the demographics of the audience. They could not sleep, were depressed, diabetic, overweight, high cholesterol, and could not march their little man in the bedroom. Not one of these commercials showed what the underlining causes of these problems are.  More choices indeed!

So how do commercials and spirit tie into each other? The answer is that the spirit becomes conditioned and then becomes the mind. So the mind thinks that it is acting through the body, controlling it so to speak. What we take in from the senses act as conditioners so as long as we think that we are the sense organs. This is to say that we think that we are the body. When we detach the Self from the body we gain a proper perspective of our relationship with the body with that relationship being nothing more than a vessel. Just as your vehicle needs tending and care, so does the body. Without that care and maintenance the body falls into a state of disrepair that will shorten your experience in the material.

So choose wisely embodied ones and always remember that you have a choice. That choice is not always yes or no, right or wrong. This is a three dimensional realm and all of our choices should be made from a three dimensional perspective. Take a 360 degree look around yourself before you make those judgments and decisions to fully see where you are in this life. Once that is done you can make the most evolutionary decision for your Self at that moment.

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