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Holding the asp in my hand, terrified in letting it go and terrified in holding it, scared of the burning of the twin fangs piercing skin.

 Cold, calculating, yet burning with a deep seated anger that is directed to the asp in my hand.

The flicker of the asp’s tongue moves in indifference, in, out, up, and down with it’s eyes staring into my very soul challenging me to act.

Torch light casts half world shadows on the glossy scales echoing the rhythmic breathing of the folly that I hold in my hand.

Copper colored brown scales flicker with a destructive beauty that mesmerizes the intellect and speaks to the primal rages within the breast.

Rage that burns and plunges my emotions into a lake of fire and shorts my intellect; rage that engulfs my being and cuts my divinity from the gods in two.

Action that was swift and destructive ensues as the asp was cast from my presence and into the shadows of the neither that dance in awkward suggestive trance like moves.

It was a dance that was danced before as the last vestibules of light sputter and are extinguished as the torch of spirit is plugged into the ice water of rage.

As the light returns to the plains of emotion all that is shown is the charred rendered earth. The cracked and blackened emotional body pops and hisses as the fires of rage consume its last portions of fuel. The twin bite marks of the asp clearly showing on the burnt forearm.

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A Poem

There is a dark place in all of us that we do not wish to look at directly; a place that permeates a creeping contagion that defiles the soul and corrupts the intellect. The dark places that cannot be looked at directly for our minds will be sundered and our hearts wrenched as the pains of the past gush out and attack the senses.  

Foul entity that stalks the darkness of that abyssal place looking for any movement on the edge of the twilight that borders your domain, Dark entity hunting, crouching and scraping on the tomb like silence of forgetfulness.

As I stare into the bleakness I can hear the dark creature’s breath. Always hearing its breath and always hearing, just on the edge of my senses, its presence.

Gnashing my teeth and with strained breath.

Blinking against the sound of the leather wings of the heralds of the night my composure starts to unravel.

The time of delay is near over and the assault will commence.

The half dark of twilight is reaching from the border lands.

The twilight, which marks the domain of the contagion, reaches forward ever faster.

The voices of nights heralds are still heard yet my eyes are failing.

Light is lost and my lungs are filled with the acrid stink of fear.

Sharp claws of panic are thrust into my chest and choke the heart.

Weak I fall to my knees and gasp down air as my lungs feel four sizes smaller.

Hysterical desperation comes over me like a cold wet blanket sucking the heat from my actions and dulling the mind. A desperation that is so complete it fills my soul with the chill of the grave.

Pain seers the emotional body and wracks the mind with waves of memories that leave the body in a deathlike state.

A cock crowing in the distance trumpeting the coming of the dawn and salvation comes on the combed head of dawn’s herald.

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